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Privacy Policy

1.For the collection of personal information

The Institute, in the case of the collection of personal information, and to clarify the purpose of collection defines the person responsible, proceed to the extent necessary for the accomplishment of legal and fair purpose.
In our Institute, collected personal information is properly managed, its use, providing destination is limited to the range in which the consent of the information providers, disclosure to any other third party, but does not provide.

2.Use of personal information, the management

Unauthorized access to personal information, falsification, destruction, leakage, to establish an internal system to take preventive measures of all possible measures against loss, etc., of personal information safety, aims to ensure the accuracy, in the event the event of problems, promptly We will implement the Do corrective measures.

3.For compliance with laws and regulations regarding personal information

Laws and regulations related to personal information, social cognition that have been guidelines, will comply with other regulations.
It formulated a compliance program (JIS Q 15001 compliant) for the protection of personal information, company-wide penetration, together with to compliance, the necessary education, enlightenment, do the audit.

4.Development of personal information protection regulations

Conduct an appropriate review in the light of the compliance program of personal information protection in the business environment, continuous improvement, and strive to maintain the appropriate management.

5.Consultation regarding personal information, about the complaint

Inquiries regarding personal information protection
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