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The Departure of Telomere Medicine

Announcement of the Society founded

The Institute for Advanced Telomere Medicine was established in 2016 to organize international collaboration for quick and high quality development of treatment/drug/supplement/cosmetics etc. for various diseases caused by shortened telomere such as cancer and Alzheimer's disease through the investigation of telomere that has a huge impact on the human life span and telomerase inducer/activator that slows down the shortening of telomere.
This institute is dedicated to fully supporting medical doctors, medical institutes, research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, and industries that are involved in the treatment and studies of this advanced medicine.

Update information/News

I held a Bill Andrews,Ph.D. visit to Japan commemorative lecture. >> Lecture situation
It was fixed at Wednesday, October 5 to sponsor the lecture of the Bill Andrews,Ph.D. in Japanese scientific future hall 7F future hall hall.
I memorialized a setup, full-scale activity in the WEB site of the telomeric advanced medical medical society and established August 18 with "a telomeric day". On "a telomeric day ," I am going to hold an event in future.
Bill Dr. special guest of "STS Forum 2016" has been bid.
Bill Andrews,Ph.D. was invited to a special guest of "OKINAWA AMDSZP Forum 2016".