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Age associated decay has been the fate of humans and providence of nature for a long time. However, I declare "aging is treatable".
The key is "telomere". Our body is composed of several hundred types of cells, and the nucleus in the cell contains chromosomes. The telomere is at the end of a chromosome protecting it. It is very small.
However, its role is huge. "Telomere" get shortened during each cell cycle. This shortening is associated with a variety of diseases such as cardiac diseases, cancer, and Alzheimer's disease.
There are people born with short "telomere". Children with program syndrome. These children develop various diseases such as cardiac diseases and cancer. These children experience events that we experience when we get old. This is all because of short telomere.
We can cure these children only if we can prevent shortening of telomere. I have investigated "telomere" for a long time. And finally, I recently discovered a molecule that induces the expression of human telomerase that suppresses telomere shortening. For this discovery, I was awarded the second position that is given to famous inventors in the USA.
I have a very high interest in Japan. Japan has already become a super-aging society and the counter actions for that will be the global standard. It is my mission to create a society in which everyone in the world can have a long and healthy life by sharing my work with Japanese physicians and physicians and medical professionals all over the world through this institute.

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Telomere biology

Telomere was discovered and defined from cytogenetics studies in the 1930s. It is a structure with characteristic repetitive DNA sequences and various proteins, protecting the chromosome terminus.
The DNA sequence of telomere was elucidated in 1978 by Elizabeth H. Blackburn in a study using tetrahymena (single-celled eukaryote). Elizabeth H. Blackburn, Carolyn W. Greider, and Jack W. Szostak were co-awarded with the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2009 for their studies on telomere and telomerase functions.
And now it has been demonstrated that telomere exists in humans as well, and that telomere shortening causes various diseases by Dr. Bill Andrews who is the first person to discover human telomerase. And the discovery of the telomerase inducer/activator that suppresses telomere shortening is realizing the treatment of aging in the near future.

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Institute summary


The Institute for Advanced Telomere Medicine was established to organize international collaboration for quick and high quality development of treatment/drug/supplement/cosmetics etc. for various diseases caused by shortened telomere such as cancer and Alzheimer's disease through the investigation of telomere that has a huge impact on the human life span and telomerase inducer/activator that slows down the shortening of telomere. This institute is dedicated to fully supporting medical doctors, medical institutes, research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, and industries that are involved in the treatment and studies of this advanced medicine.

Main activity

  • Organization of lecture of Bill Andrews PhD
  • Publish research journal
  • International exchange of telomere research activities
  • Standardization of recognition system
  • Organization of training and semina

Board of directors

Honorary ChairmanBill Andrews, Ph.D.Sierra Sciences, LLC/CEO
Honorary DirectorShigetomi KOMATSUDOCTORS CLUB ASSOCIATION/Chief Director
Managing DirectorTakashi NISHIHIRAdefytime Science Japan CO.,LTD/CEO
Representative DirectorKenshi MIYAZWA, M.D. Medical and Dental Coopcration promotion Association/Chairman
DirectorTomoko MABUCHIMABUCHI Medical Clinic/President


Doctor of MedicineNaozumi MATSUMOTOYuri FURUICHIMotoko IIYAMA
 Masami KOIKEShigefumi MORITAKentaro MIYAZWA
 Shinichi HISASUE
Doctor of Dental SurgeryAkira ONOZAWAYoshikaza ISHIKAWATomonori WATANABE
 Takeaki MAETAKenji TAKARA